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Who We Are

We are a Micro-Roaster… So, what does that mean? It's the luxury to be craftsmen rather than manufacturers.  It means having the time to get to know you, and to buy small lots of really great coffee beans that we think you'll like.  We take the time to get to know each lot of beans that we're going to be roasting and taste- test our coffees as we roast them.  If it doesn't taste right, it's not going to make it out the door--We'd rather drink the loss.  Being a micro-roaster means that we're proud of our craftsmanship. Stewardship:  Stewardship is simply taking care.  We do our best to buy coffee that's responsibly grown by people who receive fair benefit from their labor.  We are invested in our community, and believe in small business, free-enterprise and treating everyone-our customers, our suppliers and our coffee beans-well.  Our ultimate goal is to offer you the best coffee possible!  What About Organic or Fair-Trade Certifications?  Certifications are great-they give us insight into the grower's practices, and are a good indicator that the grower is working to do things right.  Certifications are not the end of the story, though.  Certifications can cost thousands of dollars, and it's not always worth the price for small farmers or cooperatives.  Sometimes certification can be too heavy a burden for small farmers who are just as committed as the big guys to doing things right. Sometimes an organic certification just seems a little bit silly when nobody in the entire country is using chemical pesticides or fertilizers because they're too expensive.   We believe that buying responsibly grown coffee is the best choice, and we will do our best to tell you exactly where your coffee comes from, and as much about its origins as we can.  Sometimes we can tell you the name of the farm or cooperative that grew it, and sometimes we can even give you the farmer's name.  What Makes Our Coffee Different? The humble, good-looking people roasting and selling it, of course! (Really, you'd rather wake up to our coffee than our faces…) We have a specialized roasting process that complements our high-altitude location (4500' above sea level).  Ever seen the considerations at the end of a recipe for baking at high- altitude?  The same principles, for the most part, apply to roasting coffee.   The flavor of the coffee in your cup is determined by a lot of things, including how much heat is applied to the green beans, for how long, and at what point in the roasting process.  At high altitude, we can use less heat, which, in a nutshell, is gentler to the coffee beans physically and chemically, and results in better tasting coffee. We're serious about good coffee--and good coffee is what tastes good to the person drinking it! 
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Who We Are